Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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I come back to you. Yearning to learn. Wishing you'd love me like I want you to.
I want to think these lines are for me, but I think they are of a story - not ours.
A story is what we make of daily words, actions and whims. I wish you were a part of me. Something I could take out of my ragged bag, and stare at and dream.
You don't know it, but you have me in more ways than you can imagine. Your words surround me, as perhaps mine do you. An exchange of melliflousness goes on all day, everyday, unseen, unheard.
I survey the words you write, wishing they were your fingertips, gliding over my skin.
I wish I could sit by your feet and gaze upon your countenance, savouring every drop of honey that falls from your lips.
I cannot love.
I wasn't asking for love. I love you, the part of you I see from a distance. You are not mine, I do not wish to be yours. I am not worthy of such feeling, nor the passion that you bring.
I wish you would fall in love with me though. Over and over. Chide me, push me away. Guide me. Be my mother, my soulmate, be mean to me, perhaps even throw me into the fire, to see me come out scathed, hurt
and aching for your concern.
I wish I could be a lot of those things too.
I wish to be a moth, no I am a moth, and you are a source of light. I yearn to be near you, knowing it'd hurt so much when I reach, but perhaps that undying need might get quenched when my body and soul burn away into nothingness.
Say not such things, dear heart, for the mouth with which you utter these gems is precious; you are precious.
You might have to leave... Back to everything you hold dear. I shall let you go, I just need you to know that you envelop me with your deep red love, a love I took upon myself to feel. Your fragrance lies heavy upon every step I take, you are with me, by my side, your words encircle my senses every time I take a breath.
I love an idea of you. I hope you do too.
I do.
I hope there's a dull ache somewhere in your heart. That is all I wish for.
There is an ache - not dull, but sweet. A sweetness that will have me coming back for you, for us, for this.

(Co-written with @nelsonnium)

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