Monday, August 29, 2011

The renewal

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Wisps of her hair, caressed his arm. His eyes seemed so deep, he held on to her and she lay on his chest. The knife still in his heart.
She licked clean a trickle of red as it flowed down his chest. Warmth and salt.
She knew he was forbidden but it felt so right. He hated her. She restrained him, she made him feel complete.
And slowly his hatred of her turned into something she hated. He said his heart felt love; she knew his heart must be stopped.
For she stopped loving him a long time ago. She stopped breathing him in, all she was, was his aura. His soul.
And when she wedged the deliberate knife into his heart, she was set truly free.
She smeared his blood on her hands, rubbed it all over her face, her body. She felt new.
He had served his purpose. There were new hatreds to find, new loves to kill. Renewed, she left in search of new vulnerables.
He lay there, his hate and love for her pouring out of his heart. She ventured into the darkness, exactly where he met her.
(Co-written with @LilMissIssues)


snickersnee said...

like how dark it is.

But 'contrary to popular action'?? WTF? lol

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

Yeah well, it was the co-author's line, so I had let it be initially. But it does sound out of place, so it now stands changed.

Nikhil said...

Phew.. Dark! Vicious. But i'd still love her & her demonic love. Yes.

Yash said...

hmmm... short and effective.