Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Twibute!

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     What else can an addict talk about but his trips? With 3500+ tweets, 300+ followers and an insane need to continually check out the exquisite banalities of my timeline, I'm surely now a Twitter addict. Riding high on the thrills Twitterverse has to offer, I live my real life as if it were a chore.
     And why not? Where else can you be the unabashed voyeur, enjoying these rippling streams of consciousnesses of the most fantastic minds you've chosen to follow. For a person who trips on words, Twitter is a continuous source of pleasure, where the limit of 140-characters pushes you to distill language till it reaches yummy perfection. Add to it the need to impress, and what you have are the most awe-inspiring specimens of living, breathing literature on your timeline. Pauses come in the way of the funniest jokes, the weirdest facts, the sauciest news and the randomest status quos. 
     And before you have a chance at boredom, an unfollow has been made and another great mind followed. Impressed with the collaborations made by this new stranger's brain, keyboard and fingers, in say, the last 15 tweets, you're fired up to understand him, challenge him, and finally earn your follow back. With some, the chemistry happens with religious @replies, DMs and RTs; while others line themselves up in your mental 'too boring' or 'too schizophrenic' lists.
     The fun part is, you get to savour chunks of brilliance for days on end, without ever knowing, or needing to know, their real identities. It's like having mind-effing sex with a superawesome stranger without ever having to attach strings. The only thing that matters is exchanging pleasures; one tweet at a time.
     But Twitter is more than the word games I so love. It is a juggernaut of news, current affairs, trivia, art buzz and the works, that challenges you to consume it all. It is a never-ending broadcast of every thought that is worth its salt.