Monday, April 20, 2009


Not so long ago, there was a petite, little girl, who lived in a tower of doubt. And how did she land there? Well, she happened to lock herself in. Though there were no monsters, no witches to watch the door, there was no getting away. The door to the world of possibilities was locked and the key, lost. But was she meant to be held captive forever, then?
Not really, for the little girl was an expert key maker. Only she didn't know it yet. All she had to do was bring out her tools of courage, of faith and of determination to craft the key of confidence. With this key, she would be able to step out to the world of infinite choices. All she had to do is really want the wings to fly and she'd see she needed no knight in shining armour to rescue her. Life was out there; calling.

We all know whose story this is, my dear K. Though unsolicited advice is always unwelcome, I have nothing else to offer except my deepest love and my 'bestest' wishes. I wish I could, like your fairy Godmother, help you with a swipe of my magic wand. I wish I could help bloom that beautiful, fragrant flower, the petals of which you keep so tightly shut. But, remember, only you have the tools. Love and blessings,


(picture credit: Muirgheilt@deviantart)