Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snatches of a dream

She probably sounded a little too happy.
   "I'd like a shot of whatever it is you are drinking," he says, mischievously. "I'm drinking joy," she says equally playfully and passes him the cup.
    He accepts it, and takes a deep gulp of the viscous fluid. It runs down his throat, engulfing it in its warm embrace, and despite himself, he begins to feel 'nice'. The warmth of the liquid spreads its tentacles around his body...a gentle tingling at first. The tingle soon spread to his extremities. Hands, feet, then brain. Pushing him towards who knew where.

   The window... a gentle breeze enticing him towards it. He stepped up, leaned forth and drew draughts of air that seemed intoxicating in their freshness. Suddenly something caught his eye...
   "It couldn't be!" Could it??? After nearly 2 decades... "Could it be her?" he says to himself. His heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. Her hair was the same, if a little thinner. Her gait was the same, if a little heavier. Then he noticed that derrière... Oh! That derrière... He could never forget it. It HAD to be her!
   The headiness of the liquid was now being replaced by another. Of a distant time. Of passionate memories. Should he turn back time?
   But here he was with the woman, who had given him the drink, the one person he would be slave to, in the entire world.
   The woman in the room smiled; blushed. She was still holding the cup. She let it drop. It was time to break the dream.
   Shattering into a 1000 pieces, the earthen cup spilled its contents on the floor. He looked up at the face of the woman...
   The woman started to fade; an apparition all along. Her lips curled in a smile, disappeared slowly. His heart felt heavy and light.

  But the shattered earthen pot on the floor... the fluid splashed across his Guccis.
  Evidences of a parallel universe, perhaps. Today had been a confluence of her world and his. Something had opened the portal...   
   He could still smell her around him. That strange odour, that he could only explain as HER! He smiled to himself, thinking how strange it would be if someone walked into the room and saw him buck naked in just his Guccis.
   He had chased his dream indeed. He missed her already. But there were important things to get done.

(A dream sequence co-authored by @tishman)

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