Friday, April 29, 2011

A change of heart

No, my sweet, love cannot be so.
Why oh why, I want to know?
Destiny; to karma I must bow.
Why can't we change, why go with the flow?
The stream is cruel, tough will be the row.
Stand with me, stand blow for blow.
Love isn't easy, as 'twas a long time ago.
Leave the past behind, for a better morrow.
Where there is stardust and moonshine, I'll follow.
Their sparkle will pale in the shadow of our glow.
For me, will you fight life's every foe?
My love, to you, everyday I shall show.
Take me where the rainbows are. Let's go.
In endless green fields, where fragrant flowers grow.
Till the end of time; through springs and snow. 

(Co-written with Pranav K @pranavvk)


n!ckh!l said...

Love is a feeling we feel differently than expressed,
I wish you could explain your's and me, mine; all transgressed.

You can choose not to go with the flow,
But the ride spent watching your back,
will hurt as the older you grow.

Love was never easy, ask the one's who took the blow.
Some rose, some fell, all but dead; still the story grows.

'Leaving the past behind' is a gift of the next love,
How long will it be until I sulk again, crawl back to my cove?

I shall fight for you until you let me, my love.
After then, I'll fight myself as our love I'll hove.

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

This is perhaps the most beautiful "comment" ever, Nickhil. Thank you so much!

Nikhil said...

Awesome words there Nickhil. Simply too good.