Monday, April 25, 2011

Knot in love

   Associations are damning, compelling. She loved his hair tousled. He hated her now. He'd have to comb them straight for all of life. He stood before the mirror comb in hand, and a hundred thoughts of her...
   He let himself slip into that quicksand of exciting yesterdays, holding on to his comb as his last vestige of a heartless now.
   As much as she loved ruffling his hair, he loved running his fingers through hers. It was one of their many little blisses. The bed behind him bore testimony. He was sure if he looked hard, there'd be a strand or two of her auburn hair there. But he didn't have to look. Only close his eyes. He could feel her hands slide up from behind, to caress his taut body. She always did. "Wanna play?" she would ask.
   He drew a deep breath. She didn't have to go so suddenly, and break the thousand promises they made to each other. It made him bitter. It was so unlike the time when everything seemed pleasure-soaked. Their days and nights smelted into one. Only their mad love mattered. Her body weaving magic on his as night fell, her breath on his neck as morning dawned. That crumpled bed mocked him now.
   "You're such a child in bed," she'd tease. They both knew it wasn't true, and they both wanted to use the cue so bad. He loved challenges. "I'll show you now what a man is like, tigress," he'd say with a sly smile as he slipped inside her and exploded. "I love you, tiger," she'd admit breathlessly, as her final surrender. "I love your messed up hair more," she'd add. They'd laugh. He'd hold her close, look deep into her eyes, and caress her hair. It all came back to him now.
   No, he didn't hate her. He hated this stupid straight combed hair. He hated himself for letting her go. He tousled his hair. He needed her to tell him he looked nicer this way. He needed her. 'Miss you, tease' he sighed. 'I so want you. Did my apology mean nothing?' his body shivered as a cold draft of breeze eased into the room. He put on a shirt and left without combing his hair.
   The weather had been quite mad today. Her wind-swept hair reminded her of him, as she stood before her mirror. The door opened behind her, and a tousled head peeked in. She smiled.

(Co-authored with Nikhil Deshmukh @red_devil22)

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Anonymous said...

I read 'Crushed', and then 'Knot in Love'. To be honest, they'd make a great story combined. Too short to be separate, too good to not be united.

That's what I think.