Friday, April 25, 2014


'Give me 5 minutes of Internet, baby,' I beseech the web lords
They haven't been kind lately.
I feel like kicking the computer each time I try to surf..
"Frustration ka saamaan," I mumble angrily and log off.
But I am back again after a restless 30 minutes
I need to check on my social media jaanu... my many jaanoooooos
Has anyone wilted from my inattention yet?
Has anyone even noticed I am gone?
Are they seeking me, or am I seeking them seeking me?


Perhaps this is what loneliness looks like, fleshed out
Living a forlorn life, even with a man in my bed
I amuse myself by breaking rules.
Coke with rose sherbet,
butter chicken with fried rice
unsafe (mind)fucks with complete strangers


Love, love, love, love, love
What's love got to do with it?
'Everything!' I say one day;
'Nothing', I concur next
But grown ups should be able to do without
I don't want to grow up
Lovers on Twitter
Lovers on Facebook
lovers in novels
lovers in poems
real lovers, imagined lovers
Goddamn, this soul stinks of need.

1 comment:

ani_aset said...

can so relate to this :( have to put some rules in place