Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Music Divine

This song called ‘Maula mere Maula’ from the movie Anwar has become a recent favourite of mine – my daily dose of a high and a few stray tears. It is a beautiful blend of the Sufi and Quawali genres, sung by Roop Kumar Rathod with the music direction of Mithoon. Keeping aside the creators, who’ve all delivered their arts flawlessly, I find myself tempted to talk about the creation – this priceless piece of music. The song literally has me swooning with its addictive background score and the chants of ‘Maula mere Maula’. My not-so-favourite singer Rathod almost pours liquid silk on the profound lyrics. The song almost pleads in pain for the love it feels. The words of praise sound more like prayer. The boundaries of mortal love and the love divine seem to merge into each other whilst a mystic union takes place. The sentiment of covetousness seems natural and desire seems innocent. Adulations are absolute, yet intact in self respect. The sanctity of sensual descriptions is preserved as it smells of the purity of the purest of loves. The aftertaste of those soulful violin and flute notes is close to reverence. As the voice-work of Rathod tugs at the strings of your soul, the tabla beats become one with your heart beats. At the end of it, the power of music is humbling as you ride the waves of emotions with the rise and fall in pitch.

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