Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why I laugh

I once believed in love
then they licked the sugar away
Now I only laugh
at the farce of romantic men

I laugh at those eyes
looking away from my breasts
I laugh because I know
You'd rather I had no clothes on

I laugh at your fingers
tenderly tucking strands behind my ear
I laugh for I know
how they want to grab, kiss, hurt

I laugh at your mouth
feigning delicate poetry
I laugh for I know
your teeth long to sink into my flesh

I laugh at your tongue
faking grace and smooth words
I laugh for I know
it wants to claim my womanhood

I laugh at your kindness
that mask of cheap plastic
I laugh because you think
that's a ticket to my bed

1 comment:

ani_aset said...

painful and hard hitting truth all the way