Thursday, February 06, 2014

Crushing Jasmines

Scents turn me savage
and I crush jasmines.
Jasmines in a bride's hair
jasmines on a nuptial bed.

The white, hapless, beautiful
between my ruthless fingers.

I annihilate the pink beauty 
of the dainty Malti
before I fail in grace
before those lovely flowers.

I hold captive, Raatranis in a jar
for, how else
will I ever match them 
in the fine art of seduction?

I destroy the plucky Palash
those bearers of the reddest reds
so my lips seem the most luscious
in their painted glory.

I break Kumudini stalks
so my limbs are the most glorious
I drown dewy lotuses
so my breasts are the most desirable

The forest is drunk tonight 
with the scent of the Champa
But I want to burn it down
and scatter the ashes of beauty

Yes, keep those jasmines away
from my ruthless fingers.


ani_aset said...

exciting and beautiful urmi :D

snehal.khandkar said...

enigmatically cold... but gorgeous