Saturday, December 03, 2011

A missed connection


Humdrum-er it coudn't be,
Another day, to be lost in history,
No promise of love or magic,
until it caught my eye...

Your lime green scarf,
intimate with your skin,
Were there stars on it?
Or were they flowers?

Your phone rolled down your lap,
a delinquent, a runaway at my feet,
You turned to look, bent, picked it,
said, "Nice shoes."

Too dazzled to think,
"Nice scarf" is all I could say,
You turned away, lips curled,
in what I imagined a smile.

Three stations past,
The tube buzzed forth,
I sat in agony, wondering,
what destination would snatch you.

Lips sealed, muffling a drumming heart
Station four; you were gone.
No time for parting sorrow.
A vision snapped, a blossom plucked.

Only a whiff remained,
and a 'what could be'
with a girl with a lime green scarf, 
with stars on it - or perhaps flowers.

 I chanced upon the most wonderful blog yesterday, via Twitter, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The magical realm of drew me in and locked me up - at least a part of me. It is that part that has haunted me ceaselessly and pushed me to write this little poem. I, of course, couldn't name it anything else but A missed connection.


Samir said...

Irrespective of the state of that day and this one, this piece certain holds in its brief words a bounty of promises of love and magic, and you serve them well.

Well done, Urmi.

umashankar said...

A sea of emotions packed in few sparse lines and they strike where it matters.