Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some more of my awkward first poems

Cloud (1997)

Sometimes I am good,
And sometimes I am bad.
I am often found,
On the mountains snow clad.
I touch the trees
And in the sky I flee.
I am white in colour,
But sometimes grey,
And in a grayish mood,
I’m in a fray.
Children like me,
But adults do not.
Because whenever I am near,
Their writing papers blot.
Sometimes I am here,
The next moment, I am there,
So, my life is such,
That I don’t care.
To keep people happy,
I always make a try.
Just keep on guessing,
Who am I?
Of myself I am proud,
Yes, I am the cloud.

Pollution (1997)

Pollution here, pollution there,
To overcome this,
Please take care.

Pollution up, pollution down,
No smiles here,
Only frowns.

Pollution left, pollution right,
To remove all this,
Do come and fight.

Pollution at night, pollution at day,
Let the fresh air to breathe,
On this earth stay.

Pollution every second, pollution every minute,
For all this cause,
Is there no limit?

To stop pollution, let us all take a vow,
And act on it,
Just now, now, now.

I’d like to fly (1997)

O dear, I’d like to fly,
Fly all over the world,
And have a pair of wings,
Just like a little bird.

Fly, fly and fly,
To fly day and night.
And capture the whole nature,
With just a little sight.

Flying through the valley,
Flying even in rain,
Flying across the river,
With flying not in vain.

Feeling so free,
If the gift to me is given,
I wonder how I’d feel,
In a flight right to heaven.

Time is precious (1997)

Time will fly,
Like wind in the sky.
Time will flow,
Like water in the river.
Use every second,
Use every minute,
If you’re really clever.
Time is precious,
It’ll wait for none,
Neither man, nor beast,
Time wastage shun.
Save every moment,
To save time thrive,
And you’ll be successful,
All through your life.

Mother (1998)

Mother, oh mother,
What is your comparison?
You cannot be compared,
With God neither.

Nature your nature,
How is your nature?
Your nature can’t be defined,
You are such a creature.

Your love is so selfless,
Even wider than the sky,
And deeper than the ocean
How bound to you am I.

So many stars in the sky,
So many a fish in the rivers,
I have but only one mother,
So loving, world wide over.

My goal (1998)

My goal in life,
If I have to achieve,
I’ll have to thrive
And pains to receive.
But I will overcome,
All the obstacles,
And free myself
From bonds and shackles.
I will convert the difficulties,
Into victories sweet.
And my fruits of labour,
One day I’ll eat.
This does not impossible seem,
One day I’ll fulfill my dream.

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