Monday, January 11, 2010

Diary of a teen

Since time is at a premium now and reading books or going for movies a near impossibility, fresh new thoughts are hard to come by. Tired of this vacuum, I decided to rummage my old closet, hoping some amusing memories would tumble out.

My wish was granted. I found 3 of my diaries, stuffed carelessly in there. These were the diaries which I would not have parted with even if I had to go to the loo at one point in time. So precious were the thoughts and experiences of that teen that they had to be guarded from all prying eyes, especially those of my parents.And here they were, lying in some unvisited space in my parents' house, uncared for, unloved.

So I decided to revisit those pages from my past and give those first feelings of love, hatred, pain, fear, joy, rebellion and devotion the place they deserve.

Starting today, I shall blog the poetry (or whatever else they may be) I wrote as a teenager under the flag of diary of a teen. Those with who I share these words may want to find the earnestness in them once they get past the naivete.

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