Friday, November 15, 2013

Kali in love

(Art by Bloodcult via Deviantart)

Bared fangs, bared breasts,
I am your goddess.
Now handover your heart.
I'm trying to kill you because I love you. 
Why else?
I will have you drunk on me. 
I will show no mercy.
I'll grind you to pulp with this love of mine.
A noose of my hair around your neck, 
That will my blessing be.
A sacrifice of your lips and limbs,
That's all I ask for.

Come Shiva, bind me with your dreadlocks,
Unleash the Ganges of your passion upon me.
You awakened it. 
Now deal with my Mooladhara Chakra
spinning in ecstasy.
Let me dance upon your chest, 
like an undying obsession.
Poison me with your blue lips
dirty me with your ashes.
Place your feet upon my chest
Thrust your trident in my breast
Sit me upon your thigh
wrench my pride out with your teeth.
Kali's yoni and yantras
come Shiva, take them all.
Love this is, yet I haven't forgotten 
The art of severing a heart from a body.
A submissive Kali will still destroy.


@nelsonnium said...

To be a child of Kāli, Rāmprasād asserts, is to be denied of earthly delights and pleasures. Kāli is said to refrain from giving that which is expected. To the devotee, it is perhaps her very refusal to do so that enables her devotees to reflect on dimensions of themselves and of reality that go beyond the material world. - Wikipedia

Eshaan Dwivedi said...

Its the best poem in english on shiva and kali (shakti) I have ever come across. +1

Anonymous said...

Have read few pieces that have explored Kali, have read none that have explored her sensuality.

The savagery and primal manifestations of two divine beings - otherwise perfect gods - is quite an interesting thought. Thanks for letting me know about this: would've committed the cardinal sin of missing something beautiful otherwise.

deeps said...

some powerful lines

ani_aset said...

such powerful lines and a brilliant description of kali, wonderful just wonderful