Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Club

I've never before seen so many vacant eyes in one place,
so many people united in purposelessness.
Like a city of ghosts - full, yet empty as empty can be;
like a city of ghosts - frightening.
A pitiable attempt by lonely city souls
to drown themselves in noise
popping aspirins of mindlessness,
hoping for salvation in alcohol-fueled amnesia.
Glassy eyes, meaningless words, hollow laughter
clutching on to their phones like they would a feet of a messiah
begging for a portal to escape this prison of shallow.
Music, smoke, the spirits and strobe lights,
an army of gyrating zombies in a full/vacuous room.
I drank when they drank, danced when they danced,
 smoked when they smoked, dressed like they dressed...
I fell in line; a doll on a carousel of a toy factory; no will of her own.
But before the night wore out and I could be claimed by this city of shadows,
My voice found itself and I ran, screaming "NO NO NO NO"
I will not be sucked into this trance, I will not dance this terrible dance,
I will not be amused by this adult rattle.