Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is love (LOL)

(Image source: Deviant Art by Yoda13)

The summary of all I'll ever have to say to you is I love you.
A love that breaks shore over and over at your stone feet, 
hoping you will feel something; anything.
Step into my skin for a day, and know how I bleed for you.
It's hard on days when the voice of my love will not be tamed.
That helpless, shameless kind of love that I can lay at no one else's altar.
My songs are orphaned without you.
My heart, a lost child in a fair.
My life, an endless spin down a black vortex.
When love is on the other side of the thick red line of morality.
But I've chosen to be blind to all else but you.
It's harder still when I almost believe that my love will be returned.
Kill me, if that's what it takes to make you lay your eyes on me.
Let me peel away all that is not about you. You were made for worship.
'Love me' I beg, you walk away, we start again.
I resign everyday to a life without your love, and the damn thing just grows stronger.
This is love. (Laugh out loud.) Exit.


Divya said...

Very passionate. Very beautiful :)

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

Thank you very much, Divya. :)

Love, Miffalicious. said...

You've killed me with this. Beautiful, beautiful.

Love, Miffalicious. []

Nikhil said...

Great flow to the story, feelings and the images are so stark. No other words to describe it. Just love it.

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

Thank you Arathi and Nikhil, as always.