Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Dark Goddess

(Image source: Kali by Nosve via deviantart.com)

There is fear in men's hearts, they tremble as they speak,
a dark goddess reigns, it is her that I seek.


I infect them with restlessness, bring them to their knees,
I cheat them of what they hold dear, I rob them of their peace.

Do you keep their hearts, then, safe as they kept their peace?
Or do you break them, scatter the bloody bits into an infidel breeze?

Bloody little bits, to the breeze they are cast;
for I play only till the night of passion lasts.

Do you sleep when play is done, when the sun brings on its dawn, fire?
How do you rest, night spirit, with blood on your hands of ire?

I sleep, for I know, there will be more blood to spill.
My heart speaks no more; only my flesh seeks thrills.

I seek, like a curious sapling, to rouse that quiet heart;
to touch that flesh, to possess that soul, to bite that tongue so tart.

Come, like a tendril to me, wrap your eager fingers around mine.
Together, we'll soar; together, we'll make love divine.

And yet, thick Temptation murmurs, "Let yourself soar
with this wild-eyed, snake-haired goddess, let her bring you ashore."

Enjoin with me, in endless festivity - there will be dancing and blood and poesy.
Come hither, and I will show you ecstacy.

As tempting as your beckoning is, I do dig in my roots;
for you are a child of darkness, and I a slave of sunlit truths.

Farewell this is naught, you will come back alright;
for without darkness, there is no meaning to light.

(Co-written with Sandhya Menon @TheReluctantMum)


Kajal said...

so beautiful.. Could actually feel the power of the dark one. Very intense and crisp. Loved it.
So very glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

Thank you, dear Kajal. I am honoured.

AmitAag said...

Powerful and intense!
your latest follower: