Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The boy next door


There’s a child next door,
A little boy just like mine,
He laughs the way mine does,
Throws tantrums just the same.
His energy matches his,
And so do his little joys,
They perhaps even play,
With very similar toys.
My child, when he prattles,
Invites many an ‘Oh, so cute!’
But an open mouth brings no sound
From the child next door; he’s mute.
Mine fills hours with chatter,
Fills days with joyous cacophony
He whines, clings and says with touch,
Cries, so often, so desperately,
He must want to say so much!
I say a little prayer,
Spare a little thought.
Thank God for all the things
That could go wrong, but have not. 

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Aurindam Mukherjee @Aurgho_ said...

I thank Uday for introducing me to you! :) A wonderful write-up!

Have a great day!