Tuesday, September 06, 2011


(Image source: sodahead.com)

Grey skies, morning flies, 
your formless face breaks into smile 
Your laughter rings, my heart sings
I wait for the red to burst forth meanwhile

Red lips and fingertips and a mild blush, 
easy first, then a mad blood rush 
explodes in your mind, turns you blind, 
this mighty effulgence of her

I crave love's sweet taste, the lips quiver again
A violent wave of love, I ride its crest
(and it begins to rain) 
my body churns, my soul yearns, my head rests on your breasts

Heaving frames in rainy lanes, 
there's not one soul in sight 
the lovers writhe, the lovers breathe, 
and the lovers take flight

Give me wings in secret sweat, 
let me love you even more 
She nodded, she sighed, 
she asked for an encore 

The wind was rife, and like a knife, 
her moan cut me through, 
her nails dug deep, then we traded sleep, 
set our sights again, and flew

And this time yet, our paths set, 
on different planes of thought, 
abandoned love, this guilty love, 
a love that was naught 

"Farewell!", the bodies said, 
until we meet again, 
when our longings are red, 
and the skies let passion rain

She walks away, a drizzle begins, 
imaginary roses lead her way
I ask her name, she ignites her flame 
and slowly fades away

He follows the petals, and pain like hot metal 
singes his aching skin
He cries out loud, and the pregnant cloud
let's it rain within

(Co-written with @bangdu)


SUB said...

nice one :)

pri said...

a writeup filled with passion, and yet you managed to maintain the sceme of the rhyme...nice! :)

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Anonymous said...


the mind behind the mindless lampoons said...

Profound... am loving it !! :)

Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

Thank you all. Collaborative writing is a lot of fun!

Rajeev Roark said...

Powerful. It reminded me of a dream I had where I kissed my love and then the real passion was in the moment when I pulled back and gazed into her eyes. Exhilarating. Wonderful work.

Rajendra Raikwar said...