Saturday, May 14, 2011

They said it was love...

I remember this day ~ when we coined ~ what transcends ~ all definition
They said ~ it was love ~ we were too entrenched ~ to care
Drank in each other ~ touched and ached ~ felt more than what ~ love could have faked
And in their soft caress ~ they finally taught ~ the world ~ love, how its done
The world ~ watched them drown ~ let them drown ~ their depths too deep
But what does ~ the world know ~ Of depths or ecstasy ~ of drowning, fingers entwined?
Of bodies in joy ~ of minds in pain ~ of a longing ~ even in togetherness
Their rigid love ~ we smoothened to curves ~ with our sigh-ridden calls ~ to each other
 (Co-written with @_eroteme_)

1 comment:

Nikhil said...

Lovely. What does the world of the depths of ecstacy / or depths of agony. For a game gone wrong how would the world know / that they gave it all / so much so they have nothing left in them to ask ...