Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Out of the woods

Out of the woods -- I particularly liked this expression used by a woman voicing her feelings on one of the many pregnancy sites on the net that I keep browsing. I liked it, because it is especially reflective of my feelings at the moment. Today, I’m a relieved 12-weeks pregnant woman. The don’t-tell-anyone phase is over. The time when one’s foetus could decide to shake itself free from the sack is kinda over. So, I’m out of the woods and free to post a shout out.
Actually I don’t want to. And I’ve been feeling a tad guilty about not jumping for joy. Somehow my ‘maternal pores’ are still clogged. But I did feel all mummy and mushy for a bit today when I saw my little baby sqiggle all over the place in the sonograph and when the doctor put the doppler stetho on speaker for me hear the baby’s rather quick heartbeats. Viren is already more father than I am a mom. Nice. Indicates a lot of nappy responsibility thrust on him in the near future.
Even as I fight the images of my rapidly changing (read fattening) body, rushes of mummadom sneak in sometimes. The cynic in me jumps at every opportunity of crying when I happen to stumble upon some sad story about mothers losing their babies. Can’t bear the thought of losing something that precious. I have made myself too much of a martyr already. Oh, the nausea, dizziness, fatigue was all for real. Three months of pure discomfort.
Meanwhile, Vir has been an ideal husband. And God has been really kind.

More updates, in months to come...

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Anonymous said...

i liked your blog. i knew you are not just another pretty face, (but unique, as you prefer to describe, and i hope few compliments are allowed), but i was surprised by the stuff you write. its serious, nice, engaging and very effectively written.

i liked the images you chose for your article, its not the best surreal stuff around, but impressive enough to coexist as a part of the written word. most of the pieces are moody, written like as if there is a need to express, but you know what works, it engages the reder and makes him the part of your world- A, Viren, ayn rand, the kid who learnt to speak in english, -normal stuff about lives and life we live, but yet engaging. you know what, i read somewhere about a guy(some psychologist or social scientist) who said that the situations we think we think are happening only to us are sometimes most common.something like that. thats why we relate to so many experiences around and interpret as per our own schematic pigeon holes, whatever is familiar finds its home in those memery cells.
that apart, i am not saying similar stories happened with me, idea is to tell you you wreite well and effectively. and yes, your next step should be tv, but only if the money is good, and its not writing for regressive daily soaps, and if its the stuff you love to do. (free gyan from the veteran, kiidding, you dont need it).
bytheby, where are you from?(just a curious question,) my guess is you are a bong (i have a friend with the name chanda from cal) , but you seem to like your pune as well.

take care: )